Umberto Barbieri

Executive Chef
Umberto has grown an extensive experience in the food industry from working as renewed chef in stylish Singapore to owning his first restaurant in Krabi Thailand. His Cuisine excels in the offer of an authenthic Italian Menu with fresh selected local products as well as researched imported products. The menu is carefully reviewed every year in order to bring a unique and memorable experience at your table.


Head Chef
"Over than 10 years of experience working in Italy thanks to Italian's husband. Your palate will travel back and forth through an experience of true Italian delicatessen."


Pasta Chef
"Join her for the best Italian pasta dish experience. The smiling thai chef all the restaurants would like to have. Simply the best.."


Pizza Chef
"Who said the best Pizzaiouli are just from Italy, here we've got a Young thai man with Italian style experience. From his hands to your plate. From his passion to your palate."